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THE WASHINGTON POST: Coronavirus shutdowns cities…

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YOUTUBE/VICE: Flying over 4 American cities where it’s like life has stopped

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New York, March 2020: Coronavirus has kept New Yorkers at home. Health comes first, and everyone follows the measures the Government and New York State have taken. It is a totally new experience that has left everyone wondering what is next…  Fear, mixed with cautious optimism, hangs in the air. A friend calls me, we talk for some time, but soon I realize how little I am as a human. She is scared, too, but she helps elders she knows as much as she can. Some of them do not have relatives or friends close to them to bring them groceries and anything else they may need. It is known that older people are more vulnerable to coronavirus.

My friend buys some food and leaves it outside their doors. Last year, she herself didn’t have to eat. Are the experiences one has lived what makes them thoughtful and caring? I don’t think it’s only that, but it definitely plays a huge role in the way we all act in this world.  

All this in a city devastated by the coronavirus. I hang up and start to think that I have done nothing. I am locked in a small apartment, only scrambling to see how I will survive. Millions of people have lost their jobs or cannot work. Some others luckily can work from home. Others must keep working to help the city stay alive. Some others are college students from abroad or other American cities who are shocked by how the entire situation unfolds and may need help, too. Money is not the only way to help someone. A few kind words may be enough. Some genuine interest to see if people we know are well. I did nothing, and many others have probably done nothing. It is not that strange because the current coronavirus pandemic is something we all have never experienced before. In a few days, it’s like the whole world has turned upside down, and… I feel embarrassed that I have done nothing. 

At least, let’s remember that if any similar situation comes up in the future, it is vital that we think of each other and do whatever we can, even if that seems to be the tiniest thing. For others, that may be a huge help. A Greek TV host recently described how she felt while being in quarantine (she had been tested positive for coronavirus) after the owner of the cafe across the street left a cup of coffee and chocolate outside her door. She was so touched by the unexpected gesture, thoughts, and kindness, and that gave her so much strength in that difficult situation. A simple gesture. Let’s remember that…

The lesson learned? We should always think of others. During hard times, some people around us may need psychological and mental support, some others financial help, and others something else. We all can be helpful to others. Luckily, there are still so many people out there who fuel the world with their great thoughts and actions.

So, yes… “We Stay Home,” but at the same time, “we think of others and help them in any way we can…” Staying in, watching movies, enjoying food, or doing whatever else to kill the boredom and stay mentally and physically well is essential, but it is not enough to help the world and ourselves climb higher.

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