How it all began

Years ago, a very talented artist inspired us and made us see art from a different perspective. Before that, we had no particular interest in art. The positive energy and the beauty emitted from that artist’s work led us to a beautiful trip… We soon found ourselves enjoying online great pieces of art from well-known artists, but also artists unknown to most people.

It didn’t take us long to realize that the Art world is so beautiful, but few only enjoy it. The more we searched for artists and their creative art, the more we were wowed and speechless by their work. Many artists make it to well-known galleries. Others exhibit and sell their work in less known galleries, and others do so on some galleries online, mostly in their countries. The advertisement that can quickly reach many people is quite pricey.

We soon understood that specific problems prevent the majority of people worldwide from enjoying beautiful art. The main problem is that not all pieces of art are excellent. Not all art is inspiring and beautiful. A big part of people is not attracted to art because they may never have seen its real beauty. We all may visit some galleries or museums, and at times we get bored. In this section of our website, the Museum, we try to select and make known only the most beautiful pieces of art of artists we discover.

Now all artists, regardless of their socioeconomic status or where they live, have equal opportunities to be known and show their work to the whole world. We provide the links of their beautiful pieces of art, their professional websites, or the online galleries where they sell their art. The Museum promotes talented artists, but also all the galleries worldwide that sell unique artworks. This unique Museum is simply a beautiful museum and not a gallery. It does not sell, it has no intention to sell art, but instead to connect artists and galleries worldwide with all those who love art.

Welcome to the Museum that discovers and promotes art from across the world, make known every single artist from every country, and supports galleries which sell beautiful artworks.