The Museum is an online platform that connects artists from all over the world with people who love art. It is founded on the idea that every artist should have the opportunity to share their talent with all, no matter where they live.

This one of a kind museum, brought to you by PROJECTS OF LIFE Network, serves two main purposes. It gives artists the chance to introduce themselves to those who love art, and at the same time, it operates as a museum that exhibits the most beautiful pieces of art made by those artists. Museum’s own Projects make this section of our website a unique online place.

Whether one is a well-known artist or not, this beautiful online museum gives all people the opportunity to learn more about them, enjoy their best art, and contact them when interested in their work. In very simple words, The Museum loves art and makes everyone love it. It is a different museum that promotes talented artists and, at the same time, redefines beauty.

Every artist from across the world is allowed to send us as many links of their galleries as they wish to add them to our Directory. All visitors of this alternative museum can reach each artist by just clicking on their links. A simple idea can change the way we reach art, make all artists known, and help all of us enjoy their creations from the comfort of our room. Submit your website and Galleries’ links, and be part of the museum of the world, The Museum by PROJECTS OF LIFE Network. Our idea was initially only for painters, photographers, and sculptors, but it is now open to many other categories.