Desiree Maldonado

Contemporary visual artist


1. A very tough situation in the past ailed you for many years. However, you managed to keep your chin up, stepped out of it, and with admirable inner strength you successfully pursued your dreams moving from your birthplace in Argentina to New York. Where did you find that strength?

I  found my strength in my beliefs, but also my hard work while being supported by a medical team (doctor and therapist) who were fundamental in my healing process. However, I have to say that I had to make a tremendous effort when I was alone so that in the battle inside me, the good forces could win the bad. In my belief system, it was welcome to have faith in angels, archangels, and a spiritual world that is next to us to help with everything we need. As an artist, I have always had a special perception of a subtle reality that is around us that is formed with energy, but in another grade of density (parallel worlds). Since I was a child, I have seen that world as a part of my life, and at that moment, I went back to it asking for help. With a lot of work and inner strength, I could receive from it the help I needed, something I wouldn’t be able to do myself.

2. Years ago, you participated in a big competition in Beijing during the Olympic Games. You won there the first prize among artists from all over the world. What did that mean to you?

The Olympic Fine Arts medal was for me a big door open to a new life. It was more than having success as an artist; it was like God’s hand to start a new life, thinking beyond. It definitely changed my life for the better, giving me the possibility to begin being recognized through my art. That art was, and still is, the primary tool in my life to express myself, building a unique and meaningful world of colors, lines, faces, and communication to the outside (inside and outside worlds).

3. We love the vivid colors you use in your paintings. Is that something that comes naturally to you, or do you use them for a specific reason?

The bright colors come naturally to me. I choose them spontaneously. I think they are related to my inner world of emotions and feelings. It is a natural way for me to be grateful for having a life and expressing myself building creations that make my life have a special meaning. It is like my spirit chooses them.

4. We are giving you one million dollars under the condition that you must forget painting, following a path where art has no place. What would you do?

I would say “NO, thanks” to that million dollars.

5. We would like you to reveal to all people a secret you have, a powerful “weapon,” that has helped you so far realize some of your dreams.

To make your dreams come true, YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF; YOU CAN. It doesn’t matter what other people think about it. You need to be persistent and work hard on what you love the most (it doesn’t matter if people believe it is not the best way to generate money). You need to see the world having your own eyes. Nothing is more important than having faith in yourself, in what you do (in every aspect of your life). Nobody is more important than you. You can. Be aware and respectful to yourself. Be authentic.

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Anna Desiree Maldonado


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