My journey in life begins on September 10, 1972, on the beautiful island of Chios in Greece. The second boy of a traditional Greek family, I was raised with the best values a kid could have for a successful life.

From my early years, I enjoyed sports and realized that the Exercise & Health field was my passion. My love for higher education brought me to New York to earn a Master’s Degree and conquer the new world of opportunities that New York is still offering.

The knowledge and the experience of all my years in the Exercise & Health field have made me a healthier, but most importantly, a better person. Countless hours of study have paid off teaching me to appreciate health & life.

That knowledge I am dedicated to giving all, despite the obstacles and the tough times along the path, combined with secrets and values that make our world a better place to live in.

Kosmas Bogiatzis, teacher of Physical Education, founder of PROJECTS OF LIFE Network.



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Creative, restless, healthy, and thirsty-for-life, I study, search, think out of the box and inspire toward the life this generation is missing, the true life. My field of expertise & the main qualities I love and seek in every human. . .

LIFE 100%


A platform that allows me to start changing the world in my own discreet ways. Exercise, Diet, Health & Life all find here strong foundations to stand their ground for years to come. Anything is possible, and when it comes to life and its secrets, inner change is the key.


What if I told you that a website could help you live life to the fullest, be at your healthiest, and discover the full beauty of this world? Take up the challenge! It has been many years since people around me started asking for my secrets that keep me upbeat all the time. I took it for granted that most people felt like that. I thought that the majority loved and enjoyed life, were creative, and realizing their dreams. Over the years, more and more friends and people I met kept asking directly the same question or simply tried to understand where I found that palpable energy.

It is what I am doing with this life-changing online platform that is reintroducing mental health, physical health, and the world; a world presented as it should be. It is the direct answer to the above same question that has been repeating for years. We humans should enjoy every single moment on this planet. We should feel so tiny before the great blessings life offers us, on the outside and the inside. Countless books have been written about happiness and success, which all have something great to add to that all-time classic topic. What different thing am I offering?

. . .

All the effort made on “Projects Of Life” goes in one direction, toward making this site one of the most helpful in the internet world. Elegant AESTHETICS, exceptional CONTENT, and optimal FUNCTIONALITY are all present on this platform. Take advantage, become a Member, and include it in your toolbox. It is a vital tool for ultimate success, true happiness, best health, and exploration of the world. The guide to mental health is based on a personal journey and experience, which is precious. It has in no way the intention to replace any mental counseling from experts (that is irreplaceable). The content on this platform is created in the hope that more people can discover life’s little and bigger secrets, prevent traps, and enjoy life to the fullest.

“MENTAL HEALTH” with its flagship section “The Best Secret of All Time,” uncovers the true secrets of happiness. It is a powerful section that frees everyone up and leads to an extraordinary life. It reveals the mistakes people make regarding sexual relationships, the practical steps to discover whether God exists, the extraordinary miracles and truths I have discovered in the Eastern Orthodox Church (Greece’s and other countries’ primary Church), the hidden dangers of spirituality that may ruin lives, how to handle injustice, practical ways to find your calling that work, and many more precious topics. When something works toward true happiness and success and you have tested it over decades, you should share it with others, always respecting their opinions and manner of life. Distancing myself from any scientific or religious views, I discovered things that transform life into an amazing journey through trial and error. Despite all the world’s progress, many people still cannot reach and experience the happiness they are looking for… I walked my path, experienced firsthand, and found the secrets that work a hundred percent. If your life is not as you wish, I invite you to join PROJECTS OF LIFE. I guarantee you will find the balance you are looking for to enjoy life to the fullest. Everything you come across on this platform (besides participants’ content) is designed, written, and maintained by me. Feel its positive energy, become part of it, and welcome true life.

No one can enjoy truly good mental health without being physically healthy. This is why the “PHYSICAL HEALTH” section has been included to a platform dedicated to mental health. Discover all the secrets of Exercise and Health. What others don’t tell you, and stuff you can’t find easily. Reliable knowledge paired with unique inspiration can change your Health for life. As a Physical Education teacher and as a Personal Trainer for over 25 years, I started early on to look for truths in the vast field of Health. Take advantage of the experience and studies.

“THE WORLD” is a section to help you unwind. Enjoy unique content filled with exceptional photographs and information that will make your day. It is a section filled with multiple ongoing and new Projects that present the whole world at its best: the best photographs, one-of-a-kind sections, artists directories, the best links across the web for anything you can imagine. The best of the internet is here for inspiration, knowledge, and creativity. No one can be truly mentally healthy if they don’t know the best of our world. This section will surprise you pleasantly every day with content so much needed for good mental health.

PROJECTS OF LIFE is the necessary tool for every thinking human who dreams big, seeks ultimate mental & physical health, success, and top content about our world. It has the true power to transform your life… Become a Member and live the experience!

I love a natural way of life with a truly healthy diet and an appreciation of people’s natural beauty. I am probably among those few who are against the consumption of supplements (only when there is a serious reason), either for muscle growth, fat burning, or enhancing our health. I encourage people to discover the benefits of a manner of living where common sense and moderation are the primary columns of their overall health, and where vanity does not play an important role, preventing unhealthy and harmful decisions.

In the chaos of the unjust world we live in where money is sadly above all, my mission is to set the standards for what normal and natural is, speak out about truths that people may not always want to hear, and offer reliable knowledge for being healthier, not only physically, but also psychologically and mentally. My ultimate goal is to help all enjoy a meaningful & happier life. Through PROJECTS OF LIFE, I lay the foundations for the real life we all have lost. Good health and essential life values are my top priorities. I am building a new world by laying its best foundations. The building materials for its completion are your will and action. Together we can make that happen.

All can make a difference in life in many ways and paths. One of those ways is to choose a job they love no matter the obstacles. Everything good and groundbreaking starts from a dream that many may say is a pipe dream. As long as you believe in it, go for it… Do not do a hundred things in life, but just only one, the one you love. Do it wholeheartedly, and the world will be a better place.


PROJECTS OF LIFE has a passion for inspiration and anything that has a positive impact on the way we live. All the stuff is born by my need to speak out about a planet that seems to be dying, but it is still beautiful. Take a glimpse into my beautiful world.