The Holiday Spirit (1)

New York dressed in festive colors as you have never seen it before! Colorful galleries filled with the holiday spirit unfold the magic of this metropolis and let us dream again as a child. It’s not the long walk to discover its best holiday decorations, but the weather conditions and the hordes of tourists that make the endeavor hard. Who loves walking in below zero temperatures for hours to snap a few photos? Who has the patience to wait in front of a store window for the tourists and New Yorkers to move a bit so a photo can be taken? It is well known that this city attracts millions of tourists each year, but in the holiday season, they pack the city like ants that look like going on a shopping spree for the last time. Thank God, the late-night hours help you move around quickly and immortalize for one more time windows born to live for a few weeks only. Is it worth it? Definitely… After all, what holiday spirit is that without frozen hands and a hot chocolate afterward? Enjoy our first gallery!


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