The camera (buildings 1)

What a pleasure to walk in New York and take photos of anything you like, meaning everything, from buildings you admire to the spicy hot dog the guy next to you is eating…! What a pleasure to have managed to have peace within and live a life you always wanted, meaning a life where you dream every day and night, whether with eyes and mind wide open or at times with our beloved Garfield’s sleepy look. This is real life, to constantly dream… even when you can’t afford a simple camera to capture the… burger of your favorite chain!?! It is then when a friend may visit you and see in your eyes that great love to immortalize delicious “food”… It is not strange then when one of good heart “accidentally” forgets in your closet the camera they have bought for another friend. Oh my! How many great things a simple kind gesture can bring, from a few simple photos of a city taken with a tiny simple camera to a big vision for tons of “cheesecakes” that sweeten your life and, who knows, maybe others’ lives.


Published: June 24th, 2020 | Last Edited: June 24th, 2020 | TRIBUTES – NEW YORK | Project’s Archive | Category’s Archive |


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