No way…

The most distinct feature of New York City, the one that makes the city unique across the globe, and shocks you, but at the same time, you fall in love with… Do you visit the city, even for a day, and not notice it? Impossible! Do you surf the internet and not see it? Of course not. Its diversity is unmistakable, famous, and highly discussed! The diversity of New York City!

In other words, the odds for the odd. One only architectural style? No way! You like “neat & clean” architecture? Do not stay here. Every neighborhood is different. Every block is different. At least ten years are needed to say you know the city, to explore it and learn its colors.

Yes, it feels like you discover new colors here. Forget what you know about other cities, the “conventional” ones. Here only, every walk ends up to a surprise, every outing is unique. Bored? There is no such word for a New Yorker.

For many, that diversity is a blessing and a curse. Some expect to see that elegant “lady” only, that one seen on TV series & in movies. Big disappointment. Others look forward to seeing glass skyscrapers everywhere in the city. Big disappointment. Others, at the mention of the words “New York” imagine the most advanced and state of the art Metro in the world. Huge disappointment.

Welcome to the remarkable diversity of New York, a diversity that probably is not seen in any other place on earth. That is the curse, but the blessing for others… because that unique diversity is what creates beauty. That rarely-seen diversity! That diversity that you are not used to seeing. The richest, the poorest and the homeless on the same block. The breathtaking modern structures and the old right next to each other. The city “Of Mice And Men” living harmoniously, as John Steinbeck would maybe humorously say today… (The city often makes public various statistics about the millions of mice and rats that live on its ground…)

Surprisingly, despite all those contrasts, New York City seems to know how to keep everything in order. New Yorkers, congratulations!

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Somewhere on the Upper West Side in Manhattan during a long walk, along Broadway, from 110th street to its end in the lowest part of Manhattan. The surprising views are not rare.

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