Frozen… Disney’s blockbuster, corn, peas, other veggies in supermarket freezers, seafood alike, chicken nuggets, meatballs and burgers, and… New Yorkers! The frozen New Yorkers.

In winter, it’s cold here. It’s freezing… Be prepared. You now know. If you don’t like the cold, better stay in your beautiful warm city, pick the chicken nuggets, a corner by the fireplace, and Disney’s movie.

If low temperatures are kind to you, welcome to the frozen city of New York. The beautifully frozen city of New York!

You definitely need winter boots for the snow, a… thick blanket to cover your ears, one thousand and one nights to think whether you should go out in the cold weather, and 99 cups of your favorite warm beverage to prevent you from becoming a snowman during the endeavor. Save one more cup for your way back, dip your fingers in it to start moving, and thank God for being able to put the key into the lock.

If you don’t have the above, no worries… Just take the subway for a long ride (if the trains are running), take some photos from your seat while at the boroughs on the elevated tracks, and be thankful for not being frozen peas in your freezer. They probably don’t have a good time there, though you love them and eat them because they are healthy!

* * *

* * *

A cold, snowy morning in Astoria Boulevard station in Queens. After the end of a snowfall, the streets and train stations are cleared in a few only hours, mostly in Manhattan. In the boroughs, it takes a bit longer.

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