Mostly bad things… Mostly bad comments. It is not something new. We’ve been facing that for decades, especially the last ones, but it is not fair.

People around the world utter not the kindest words when it comes to the US. Not only regarding politics but its way of life in general. About politics, the same people have even more negative things to say, which may not be fair, too. Oh, Politics! We all know, it is not an easy field to deal with, and many games are played in it by all countries. There’s no exception maybe.

Our concern here is about the wrong perception people have abroad about the way of life of the Americans. We felt that we should write a few words about it so something may change. As non-Americans, we came to New York with that prejudice in mind as well. Although we had felt a special connection with the US without knowing the reason, we bore that negativity caused by others. Often, you can’t avoid it. It comes as a direct or indirect brainwash, for many reasons each time. Apparently, we fell victims of it like countless others, and we came to the US with quite negative thoughts about the Americans and their way of life. The result?

We came to New York and found kind people, beautiful families. The harsh truth, directed to those abroad who like to criticize? On our way to realizing our dreams, we often received great help from New Yorkers who did not know us at all, and in other cases, we received little or no support from citizens of our country. Busy schedules, jealousy, something else? Who knows… This is life. The lesson we have learned? We should all remember that being a kind and good person has nothing to do with… the nationality, but with what work we all have done within. Luckily, goodness does not go hand in hand with one’s nationality.

The generalization we make that the Americans do not lead a good life and that their politics is corrupt is wrong. It is definitely wrong, and imagine that people out of NY are considered even kinder. Unfortunately, we always forget that there is no perfect place. One country has some good things, and another has some others.

At last, let’s stop generalizing, let’s stop thinking negatively about people and countries, especially when we don’t have firsthand experience. Some who are negative thinkers often manage to influence us, and we follow suit. Let’s stop that. Let’s break those barriers between people. After all, we are all a family under one sky.

* * *

* * *

Somewhere in Manhattan, during one of those long walks to discover the beauties of this city. Tiring walks but walks that pay off.

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