Why the truth lies here…

The big question

When it comes to religion, a common but usually insufficiently answered question has been asked for centuries: “Does God exist? Is there any religion today that has tangible real proofs that God exists and appears clearly in our lives?” The answer is positive. Having gone through the steps described in previous posts related to God’s existence, I realized that God does exist, and his presence is made known through extraordinary and indisputable miracles. Spirituality and religion should unite people, not divide. Respecting everyone’s beliefs, I am sharing my experience and knowledge gained from my personal journey, hoping that your life will never be the same. It will turn into the extraordinary life all humans should live.

Kosmas Bogiatzis

The proof

There are real, tangible & indisputable proofs that God exists, appears in our lives, and helps us live better and be happier. A small part of those proofs is presented in this article. You may be thinking now: “Why have I not known already about such a great and revealing piece of information?” The answer is simple. We, humans, have reached a point where life values are hard to find, thirst for money has replaced all valuable things, and our hearts are so rusty after so many years of leading meaningless lives that we can barely notice the impressive presence of God. Plus, so many out there benefit immensely from keeping the mass unenlightened and far from the real truth. They directly or indirectly prevent the truth from coming out to all.

The disbelief

Let’s get immediately to the point. Let’s imagine that you hear that there are some miracle workers in the nearby village or town, and countless people go there to see them and experience their powers firsthand. I assume you would be very suspicious and probably unwilling to believe that something like that could be happening. “All is about tricks and ‘smart’ people,” you would probably think. No worries though, it is what I would think, too. However, more and more people go to them, they speak with the best words about them. They are amazed, touched, with their problems solved, and with an immense admiration drawn on their faces. You still don’t believe it. No worries again. I would react in the same exact way. After all, that difficulty to believe led me years ago to great truths that entirely changed my life, and at the same time, prevented me from harm. So, what happens is this: I had the good fortune to hear about such great miracle workers, and I wanted to see them in person. I made it to Elder Paisios’ hut somewhere on Mount Athos in Greece a few years before passing away (now he is officially one of the biggest saints of our century). My meeting was a huge turning point in my life, and an incredible big journey started…

Other miracle workers

I searched, read, studied, and discovered that such miracle workers have existed in every century since Christ came to earth but also had existed before Him. Other miracle workers may appear, too, in many countries, who do not relate to the Orthodox Christian Religion (The Eastern Orthodox Church). I was puzzled… “Do all those powerful and gifted people, regardless of their religious beliefs, have the same powers? Do they receive them from the same source? Is that source always good? Do all of them, regardless of the source, use those powers for the good of all people? Could all people receive the same powers if they know the way?” Crucial questions came to my mind, started ailing me, and ultimately led me to life-changing discoveries. Below, I present a small only part of the truths I have found, but maybe the most important to those who start reading about the Eastern Orthodox Church for the first time (Greece’s and other countries’ primary religion). If my words in this article appeal to you even a little, you may want to explore all the rest of the Orthodox Christian Religion that will be found soon in the “Greece” Project on this website. Some of that information is well known, some less, some not known at all. For sure, it is given in a very simple and well-organized manner for the first time.

The big truth

After years of personal research, I can tell everyone with great certainty that the holy Elders & Saints of the Eastern Orthodox Church cannot be found in any other religion, at least so far. It sounds like an ordinary statement because, in every faith, people may claim exactly the same. However, there are proofs, which I present on this website. Below, I only briefly write some essential and clear words about them.

First, one could easily say, “OK, but why should we put people in religious categories and assess their value according to that? Could an atheist not reach the spiritual heights of the Elders & Saints of the Eastern Orthodox Church? That is a good question. I can simply say that a person who applies specific values to their lives can definitely reach a very high spiritual status. The difference in the Eastern Orthodox Church is that the believers know exactly which these precious values are, reach those heights much faster, have a clearer and sharper mind, and get so much more enlightenment that humanity has never before seen in persons of other religions.

There are spiritual figures worldwide who are considered holy because of the pure lives they lead. However, to say that a person is really holy or a Saint, they should meet specific prerequisites. Unfortunately, people who do not know much about the Eastern Orthodox Church mistakenly use the word holy for people who are just good and lead a very good life, but holiness is not about that. Let’s briefly clarify here what holiness means. Holiness & the way it is evident in the Eastern Orthodox Church make this religion the greatest and most genuine I have seen so far. Let’s see now what really defines true holiness. Which are the characteristics, the signs that make people canonize other people and place them among Saints?

1. Humility: A holy person is exceptionally humble. Humility is considered the alpha and omega for improving yourself and reach spiritual heights. Being humble is one of the most challenging things in life. We all usually don’t miss a chance of saying something good about ourselves, either directly or indirectly. We like showing off ourselves, either directly or indirectly. We like being in the spotlight, seeking good comments about us, and we always enjoy the applause of others. But, a holy person never accepts the applause of others. Instead, they avoid it as much as they can because they know it is the most dangerous thing that may lead to losing their high spiritual status in an instant. They know well that if they even for seconds make the thought that they are something important, they will lose the closeness they have achieved with God. You will rarely see real holy people among their followers, especially when the media is videotaping. The Holy Elders and the Saints of the Eastern Orthodox Church have the highest level of humility, a humility rarely seen in this world.

2. Miracles: A holy person works miracles in their lives and after they pass away. People usually use the word miracle to describe something good and unexpected that happens to them, but in the Eastern Orthodox Church, the word miracle is not used that lightly. When the word miracle is used in that faith, it shows that something out of this world happens, something that cannot be explained logically, connected to Christ, the Virgin Mary, the Angels, the Saints, or the Holy Elders. A real holy person works miracles precisely as Christ did. Thousands of Orthodox Christians over the centuries have witnessed such miracles. And only mentally disturbed persons can dispute them. They are so real, and they have such tangible evidence that no rational person can doubt them. Whoever has read books about Elder Paisios, Elder Porfyrios, and Elder Iakovos Tsalikis (now prominent saints) can fully understand what I mean by saying that no rational person can dispute the miracles all holy persons work. I can even dare say that it is a shame that a big majority of people around the world do not know about such holy figures who exist in every century. Still, at the same time, they do know all the pop idols, celebrities, and others who are constantly in the spotlight, some of them empty and not good examples of role models. Even more impressive is that a truly holy person continues to work miracles after they pass away. That is one of the most crucial pieces of evidence that urge people to call them Saints and canonize them officially. It is surprising and strange that all those impressive and touching miracles do not get any media attention, so more people learn about them, come closer to God and live better and happier. Actually, it is not that strange because if media spread such news, the world will be a better place, which many powerful figures of this world do not want for their own reasons each time. What happens is that when people discover where the truth lies, they get smarter, they know exactly what is happening in the world, and they are not any more sheep that go with the flow. So, let’s always remember that a real holy person works miracles during their lives and after they pass away.

3. Frequency: At least, hundreds of indisputable miracles are needed, if not more, to force officials to name a person a “Saint.” In some other religions, 2-3 miracles only happen (which may even not be true), a lovely and good life was led, and the religious leaders rush to canonize a person. In contrast, in the Eastern Orthodox Church, the faithful themselves push the religious leaders to canonize a person because the miracles they witness are countless, and the person who works them is already holy and a Saint in their hearts. Worth noting, when faithful speak about a miracle that happened to them, they are incredibly emotional, and many times they can’t keep from crying. When our heart experiences a real miracle, it breaks… When such miracles occur countless times to countless people, you are left speechless, touched; you definitely cannot turn a blind eye. Instead, you want to tell everyone around you about them…

4. Gifts: A real holy person has many gifts… In other words, they have many extraordinary powers given by God. Those powers may be unlimited and vary. A Saint may be able to know your past, present, and future in such details that no other person can know, and they use that gift in such a humble and discreet way that leaves everyone moved, touched, healed, and definitely shocked. Those real holy persons may also be at different places at the same time; they can prophesy, cure diseases that nobody else in this world can cure, or see deep in your heart and know what you really need at the time… The qualities a real holy person has are countless. It probably depends on the purity of their souls and the level of spirituality they have reached.

5. Grace: A holy person emits incredible positive energy that makes anyone want to stay with them for hours. That is a quality felt by all people, pious or not. If one approaches a person who supposedly is holy but actually is not (one who simply tricks people or has “gifts” given by dark powers,) not only do they not feel that positive energy, but instead they receive negative energy. That is what makes you understand if something is from God or dark powers. When something is not coming from God, even if it seems beneficial to you at that time, you feel that negative energy either instantly or with some delay (experiencing the following period unusual bad mood, health problems, or unfortunate events the one after the other.) That negative energy always causes unrest within you as though God warns you of the impending danger. The Divine Grace a real holy person receives and holds within them cannot hide. Instead, it shines wherever it resides.

6. Mood: A real holy person always has a serene face and eyes and smiles genuinely. Even if it is not shaped with their lips, that smile is always seen simply because it comes from their highly pure souls. All people may agree that eyes never lie. A person’s eyes always show not only their mood but, most importantly, the status of their soul. Just take a look at the photos of the Elders I honor on this website. Their calm faces and eyes speak for themselves…

7. Profit: A real holy person never uses the powers they have for their own or others’ profit, either directly or indirectly. They never receive or accept money for their help and advice. Their offer to the world is given totally for free in all cases due to their genuine love for it and their urge to make all people happier.

8. Prayer: A real holy person never uses substances to meditate and reach God.

9. Teachings: A real holy person never encourages violence, directly or indirectly, in the name of God or not. They never try to spread the word about God forcibly. Instead, they mostly speak about their true religion without words by simply giving the most outstanding example of it with their holy lives.

10. Simplicity: A real holy person is the epitome of the word “simplicity.” Every aspect of their lives, from the clothes they wear, the everyday objects they use, the words they say, and in general, their overall way of living, is astonishingly simple. Many claim today that they live simple lives and may be considered “holy,” but when one reads about the lives of real holy persons, only then do they realize what simplicity literally means.

For years, I have studied many supposedly holy figures from different religions. Some were just good people or better than ordinary everyday people (which is totally different from the real definition of “holy”). Some were not even good but tricked people into believing that they were holy in order to exploit them. Some others had “gifts” not given by God, and they actually and sadly harmed people who were unaware. A few others had some good qualities but lacked many others essential to place them among Saints. When those very few of the last ones happened to have one or more virtues of the ten mentioned above, they lacked others or another. Simply test it… I challenge you. Do your own research, and if you find any person who has all the above qualities together at the same time, please let me know. My experience and research have shown me that God highly appreciates all the above qualities in a person, and He shows his entire Grace only to those blessed. Those who achieve the status of the above ten qualities receive such immense enlightenment and blessing from God that their lives come to the closest point to Christ’s life. That closeness enables them to work miracles that humanity has never experienced and seen since Christ’s time. Most importantly, it showers them with the greatest enlightenment from God to know where the truth really lies when it comes to religion. That truth is indisputable. So, if you ever find such a holy person who holds all the above qualities that all Saints of the Eastern Orthodox Church hold, that will mean that he or she has applied into their lives all the teachings of that faith. That means they are Orthodox Christians, and you don’t know about it. For now, because my research gives me the liberty to do so, I can say with great certainty that the holy Elders and the Saints of the Orthodox Christian Religion (the Eastern Orthodox Church) are the holiest people humanity has ever seen. No one compares to them… Read again carefully a few times the above qualities I mention, give yourself a chance to learn about the lives of real holy persons who had them all, and if you are wise and smart enough, come to your own conclusions…

The final conclusion

After a few only minutes dedicated to reading about the lives of some of the most recent Saints of the Orthodox Christian Religion, it is not hard for one to understand the truth found in that religion. It is not hard to realize that those Saints are the most powerful figures that humanity has ever seen. The teachings of the Eastern Orthodox Church, its precious and unsurpassed sacraments, and the intervention of God, Christ, The Virgin Mary, the Angels, or the Saints through miracles have proved that they can heal psychological or biological ailments and turn our lives into an extraordinary journey; a journey full of joy, positivity, and outstanding achievements.


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