The island with the medieval villages, the world-renowned shipowners, and the first natural chewing gum in the world.

It is the fifth-largest of the Greek islands and one of the eleven beautiful islands found in the North Aegean Sea. Its unique history and character differentiate it from the well-known Greek islands painted in blue and white. Villages built centuries ago stand proudly reminding of other eras, and Mastiha, a resin with exceptional therapeutic properties, has made the island known across the globe.

This website is an online place where unique ideas and concepts related to Chios find their home. Inspiration, creativity, and promotion of anything that involves Chios are found on these pages. The ultimate goal for the island is the increase of its visitors from all over the world and Greece, so it keeps thriving and offers them all of its treasures. The main idea is the creation of original and new stuff about Chios and, at the same time, the promotion of the work of others, whether it is a website for Chios, a product, an organization, etc.


Welcome to the home of Chios!

Some reasons to visit the island as a glimpse into its beautiful world. Why should you visit Chios? What different characteristics does it have not found in other Greek islands? Each place has its own beauty, and Chios has a lot to be proud of…

  • Medieval villages that take you back in time

  • Mastiha, a resin with therapeutic properties

  • Nea Moni, the UNESCO-World-Heritage Site

  • Mavra Volia, a gorgeous black-pebble beach

  • Castle of Chios, fort built in the 10th century

  • Kampos, citrus orchards & unique mansions

  • St. Markella, the miracle-worker patron saint


Chios is the island you fall in love with… Its history, the simple way of life, little taverns & other treasures invite you to an unforgettable experience.


The Archaeological Museum features a collection of antiquities from the Neolithic era up to the Romans.


Koraes Library is the central public library of Chios, a historic institution with a history dating back to 1792.


A small but definitely worth visiting cave, which is rich in stalactites and stalagmites that amaze the viewer.


The museum showcases the history of the mastic tree cultivation and the processing of its therapeutic resin.


Oinousses & Psara islands are an ideal escape for a quiet summer, gorgeous beaches, and a touch of history.


Kallimasia village is proud to host the museum that brings to life activities of villagers of another era.


We are building an online Gallery that may host thousands of photos from Chios. An online place with Chios at its best.



We dream of an island with exceptional aesthetics, kind people, a healthy lifestyle & precious life values that attract visitors.