This online platform has the mission to make its Projects and sections a place with clean & fresh air, authentic people, and a genuine way of life full of values that lead to true joy and happiness, something our world is missing. It did not start its journey wishing to create a huge site where helpful but plain information can be found. The goal is information that stands out. Information given in unique ways can work miracles…

To change the world, the published stuff is carefully selected to have immense power to inspire. That is the priority. Do not expect to see on this Platform daily content to keep visitors engaged and make them follow it. There are many beautiful sites out there that use that recipe of success and do that very well. They offer reliable knowledge and keep all of us up to date on the newest findings of science. However, little or no changes are seen in the world for the better. Ugliness is still out there, and people seem more lost than ever. Plain knowledge appears to have little or no power, but knowledge given through unique ways and great love for change can move mountains. It is what this Platform is doing. It is moving mountains. When it comes to the content of its Projects, the sole purpose is quality and not quantity, but a quality that hits sensitive cords in all humans that makes them start changes that improve their lives and by extension the whole world.

PROJECTS OF LIFE is making a difference in the chaos of the internet world. Use its content in the best possible way, take action in your own ways, and add your effort to its big dream of a life with great values again and happy humans.