Do you speak to your plants?

by Liza Fiorentinos


I do! Every day (not like the crazy cat lady) I say good morning, and during the day when I see a plant struggling under our care, I encourage it. At night – I always tell them, ‘I will see you tomorrow.’ If there are people around, of course, I say this in my mind.

We humans have an affinity to nature, whether you are conscious of it or not. This connection to nature is called Biophilia, and whether you are on a beach, camping, hiking, or simply sitting on a bench in a park, you will feel better. Nature is essential to our lives, and we have a physiological change in our brains when we are in it.

Plants are intrinsic to our daily lives, whether it’s for fuel, building materials or pharmaceuticals. Having plants in your space will boost your mood, lower your anxiety, blood pressure and stress. They will help detoxify the air, help you sleep, and help you recover from illness faster. Plants will reduce noise in a space and help you be more creative and concentrated. If you have any doubt, bring a few plants into your space and feel how much more you smile and how much better you feel.

If you are a plant newbie, do a quick scan of your space and match your natural light to the correct plant, ensure you have the time to water a plant every two days (if not, then get a low maintenance plant that you can almost forget) and don’t place plants on top of radiators during the winter. If money is a challenge, ask your neighbors for some cuttings.

I don’t regret the 7-day work schedule, the cancelled vacation plans, the mind-numbing hours on my desktop, the incredible angst I live with or the money I burned through to achieve my vision. I work with plants and am surrounded by their magic every single day.

Seeing a plant thrive and grow and flourish either in my store or in the client’s space or garden makes me so happy! Of course, it’s nice to be able to pay the bills and not stress about every tiny expense, but there is nothing like seeing an orchid blooming in its majestic beauty or succulents growing offsets, or Peace Lilies transforming their flowers into green leaves.

Whatever you do, connect with nature as often as you can. Sit by your window and look out at the trees, watch them sway or drop their leaves. Walk in a park, on the beach, or visit your friend’s vegetable garden. Just do it. Get in tune with natural rhythms and see how happy you be!


My Journey

For eight years, it felt like I was on a plane almost every single week, flying around Europe in my corporate role for CNBC Europe. Then I fell in love with someone who lived in NY and I added one more trip, albeit transatlantic, to my schedule every three weeks. It was all wonderful; I loved my job, my partner, my friends, my spiritual and physical practices…my whole lifestyle in fact!

After four years, I decided to say Bon Voyage to Paris and move to NYC and start afresh.

I was always an entrepreneur at heart. Where most people walk into a restaurant and look at the menu, I enter spaces as realms of possibilities for what could work better (lighting, plants, layout, etc.). When I moved to Paris in 1998, I saw that there were no Salad bars or lunchtime manicure salons and immediately thought – opportunity. As a 10-year-old, I sat on the beach with my wonderful Mama and drew out exactly what my Soda Pop Shoppe would look like, right down to the pink and striped uniforms the staff would wear.

The journey of creating my own business upon my return to NY was quick…in fact just a few months, I decided I wanted and needed to work with Plants and bring them into people’s homes and workspaces. I worked fervently and managed to burn through every dollar I had saved and then some. I had a vision: bring nature indoors artistically…. but sadly no market for it. I had worked for big brands and immediately and incorrectly assumed that Luludi Living Art was going to be an overnight success. It was not so, and it took me years to right the ship, find my market and become profitable.

It is so fulfilling to see the power of plants transform every place that embraces it! It is so rewarding to see people inspired by our Virtual Terrarium Classes and then make their spaces more beautiful with plants’ magical energy. It is so impressive to see what a complete kit we ship can do (plants, glass, soil, pebbles…) during an online class!

Wishing you all a safe journey!

A few photographs from “Luludi Living Art” work

Liza Fiorentinos


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