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by the site’s Founder


Have you ever wondered what is mostly missing from our world that prevents it from getting better? What is missing from all of us, not allowing us to live life to the fullest? Over the years, I often wondered the same thing, and from observation, experience, and the confessions of people around me, I have come to a single conclusion.

Contrary to what is believed, I can confidently say that what the world mostly lacks is not love and good deeds, at least as we know them. We often hear that we humans are all words and no substance, no actions, but that is not the main problem. In a sense, the problem is just the opposite. The words are missing, not the actions… But, which words?

Good deeds are often not done out of genuine interest in fellow human beings but in showing off… to show that we are good and reap some benefits if possible. Someone will say now, “but do those actions not help?” Yes, of course, they do… but only at that moment. They do not have a more profound impact, so like a giant wave to take others with them toward significant changes. In contrast, selfless good deeds fueled by unconditional love do help whoever needs it, but at the same time positively “alter” the giver, the recipient, and a lot of people around. That inner change means that unique positive energy emitted by the giver magically changes for the better those who are involved or close. The latter, in turn, will change others around them. It is a spiritual domino where the positive energy spreads quickly and is causing significant changes in the world in a unique manner.

However, a good deed, even if it is selfless, is still not enough. It is not enough if specific words do not accompany it to bring the fastest and biggest changes. Such words are kind, praise, and encouraging words that show the true kindness of one’s soul. Unfortunately, they are missing from humans in our time. Even selfless good deeds are often done by habit as a duty to our fellow man. In that case, their influence is weakened. But if authentic, encouraging words accompany them, then the result is truly magical. In fact, these kind words often have much more power and influence than the deeds themselves. Their combination is, of course, the best. But even kind, praise, and encouraging words alone can work wonders; they do not necessarily require anything else, any more actions.

In contrast, actions alone often do not have the same desired effect. Comparing some kind and encouraging words with actions is like teaching someone how to create something they lack instead of giving it directly to them, which will only help them for a while. Kindness, praise, and encouragement provide strength to the impossible, while good deeds only reinforce temporarily.

Let me give you a simple example. Once, a homeless woman stepped onto the train asking for money. It is very common to see homeless begging on the New York subway. Most of the time, those people are not very clean, wear dirty and worn-out clothes, are on drugs and substances, etc. Many riders do not pay attention; some others with the movements of the head and facial expressions show disapproval, while others give some money to do the good deed, usually by habit. (Whether helping the homeless on the subway is good or not is not the case here. It is just an example). One of those times, it came out very naturally to me to say to a homeless woman, “I have nothing to give you, but you are very beautiful. I hope you find a lot of joy in your life…” It came so naturally to me because it was what I could see behind the old clothes and the bad condition she was in. She looked at me in surprise, her face lit up, and I felt she was a little moved. I realized that probably no one had ever spoken to her on the subway; maybe she had never heard from anyone that she was beautiful; riders usually pay no attention, or just turn their heads in disapproval. A few give at times some money by love or habit. I realized that my simple words that morning made her day. I saw her again after a long time on the same train, but she was in much better condition…

But, what does “kind, praise, and encouraging words” mean, and why is it missing from our world?

  1. The first level: To be able to praise anything good we see around us wholeheartedly. We, humans, tend only to speak out when we see something we do not like. But for the world to change really and fast, we must also applaud all the good things we see around us. To pick up the phone and congratulate people who do something great, to send an email, a message… But to do it with our heart. Otherwise, it has no value or power to change the world.
  2. The second level is to do the above to everyone, people we do not know and to those we know. Too often, the little beasts within us called pride, selfishness, and jealousy do not allow us to praise those very close to us.
  3. The third level: To verbally reward those around us not only when they just do something good but especially when that is something extraordinary. We all, for example, will congratulate a family when their child gets a college degree (something ordinary), but we will hardly congratulate someone if they do something more unusual. For instance, when someone at a very young age works for NASA or a world-renowned company. How much harder it is to congratulate someone if they stand out from the crowd, especially if we know them well (much more at the beginning of their successful career. Because later on, when the spotlight may fall on them, we are all glad to say we know them).
  4. The fourth level: To praise with our hearts someone we know well when they do something extraordinary, but they also do the same job with us. For example, imagine that I am an expert chef, but I pick up the phone and applaud another chef (friend or acquaintance) who achieves something unique. Although I do the same job, I have a good heart to give an authentic thumbs up to that person. This is something very rarely seen nowadays. So let’s remember that this life has room for everyone, and even if we all did the same job, everyone would put their personal “color” in it, and the result would be completely different. The world needs all the “colors”; everyone then can be truly happy, a product or service creator and the customer.
  5. The fifth level: The highest level of kindness that makes someone the happiest on earth. That is shown when we do all of the above even though we may be professionally going through a terrible period. Let’s imagine that not only have you not yet achieved what you want professionally, but you are in a tough phase of failure. However, you have the kindness and good heart to communicate with people around you who excel (even if they do the same job as you) and express your admiration.

Humans, unfortunately, have not yet managed to rejoice with the success of those around them. We still have a long way to go, but anything is possible with a bit of effort. If we achieve that, then the road will be easy. That is also a way to understand who has a genuine, kind soul. That means that such a soul can be our friend. Some like saying that a real friend is the one whom you can call after midnight and tell them your problem without thinking twice, without being sorry for waking them up in the middle of the night. Others say that a friend is the one who will stand by you in a tough time. But neither of those is entirely correct. A true friend is one who has such a kind soul that they can be truly happy when you are experiencing great joy; That is much harder to do than standing by one’s side in tough times. A real friend spends some time and sees where your joy is coming from and rejoices with you. That shows a truly kind soul, true friendship, and it is not necessarily limited to relatives or acquaintances or only 2-3 people, but it can involve everyone. This is what our world needs to get better. Any authentic act and anything good arises from that. If we all can achieve that, we will walk a great path where happiness is always present. So, yes… what is mostly missing from our world is more words and fewer deeds, more authentic, kind, praise, and encouraging words, and fewer “inanimate” deeds, or their perfect combination. But, for sure, it needs more kindness… of a higher level. What level are you at?

Kosmas Bogiatzis
Website’s founder


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