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We do not always pay much attention to it; that we are what we seek…  In other words, we want things in life, look for them, find them (or create them if they do not exist), and add them to our life’s canvas.

The oxymoron is that while we all do this when it comes to clothes, appliances, devices we want to buy, and so on, we do not always follow the same rule for happiness we all seek. What do I mean? We want the best cellphone and look for it. We love wearing the best clothes and do whatever possible to have them. But, while we all want to be the happiest, at the same time, we may listen to sad music with miserable and pessimistic lyrics. Someone will say now, but well… does that matter so much? Of course, and it matters a lot. We cannot say that we want to be happy, but at the same time not filter what we listen to. And that should not only happen with music, but with everything we use in life; the painting we hang on the wall, the light of the house we decide to stay in, and so much more. And while we usually seek anything cheerful, upbeat, and bright in many other fields, we do not do so with music. But let’s not confuse relaxing music with sad music. A piece of music or a song can be slow and relaxing without necessarily being sad or having pessimistic lyrics.

In many countries, I do not think there is a balance between optimistic and pessimistic music. A big part of it is anything but upbeat. Either the whole song is sad (both the music and the lyrics) or just the lyrics, the music, etc. There are times when the music can be upbeat, but the lyrics are not at all. If someone looks at the songs that exist and the new ones that are released, they will see that the sad (or miserable) lyrics are thriving.

Someone will say again, but life is about both good and bad times. An artist is inspired by both and creates art. So should we condemn and abolish the one category? No, not at all, but we should be very careful if we are really interested in being happier. And although happiness is mainly an internal state and is not defined so much by external factors, it is influenced by them. That is, if you are complete and happy within, even if you are placed in a dark house to stay in, you won’t have a big problem. Even depressing music won’t particularly affect your inner state. But if that becomes a permanent condition, it will definitely affect you, and you will look for more positive options.

It is also a fact that artists are often inspired more by their challenging moments than their good ones. But their work will have within something of that tough situation. In music, that will be easier to notice as it will be more melancholic. And while that may be liberating for the artist and others who will listen to it (as their pain finds a way out through it), it needs attention to how much space we give such music in our lives. If we also consider that many people (and therefore artists too) do not live as good lives as they wish, their creations will tend more towards something sadder. So let’s control how much space we give to our lives in each category (positive or negative), only if we are interested in being happier.

Especially in the music field where it is pretty difficult for young composers and lyricists to enter (we see certain composers monopolizing for decades), if the existing composers tend to the pessimistic side, then the music and the songs they produce tend towards that. Then the people’s choice is just that. The cheerful and optimistic songs are limited.

So if we are looking for happiness in life, our choices should be closer to anything bright, upbeat, happy, etc. But in no way should we become obsessed with that… Instead, we should just know the effect of music on our mood and try to maintain a proper balance between pessimistic and optimistic music, if not to seek the latter more.

Someone will say now, but I like listening to more pessimistic music, and I have no problem listening to sad lyrics as well. Of course, you should do what pleases you. After all, life is yours. No one will ever force you to do anything other than what you love (if you do not hurt others.) If you hurt yourself, it is your choice. But at least it’s good to know the dividing lines if you’re interested in being truly happy.

Personally, my whole life changed for the better many years ago when I realized the effect of music on mood. That awareness created a domino of positivity that led me to discover everything that positively affects humans. What I always say is that happy things are always in fashion… And they always have their magical way of changing you for the better. So let’s give them more room in our life…

To end this article with something beautiful and upbeat, let’s listen to the wonderful song below. It is one of the few songs I have heard recently where the music, the lyrics, the vocals, and the video radiate an incredible positivity and have unique aesthetics. Let’s look for similar “diamonds” in our lives, in every field…

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Music: Nicola Piovani. Lyrics: Lina Nikolakopoulou. Vocals: Thodoris Voutsikakis.

Lyrics translated into English

Go out; sing life. Say the morning will come again. See the sun with different eyes, with a child’s joy because you were a child once. Yes, the sky knows. Yes, the so distant sky. And the night also (knows) with all the stars… that somewhere on earth many hearts have a deep wound. Look, a spinning wheel. Look, a Ferris wheel calls you to get in and see the world again. If you may not believe anymore, even when I tell you life is infinite beauty, look… I am by your side; the darkness will end, the cloudiness will pass. It’s gone and does not come back anymore; it’s gone in time’s paddles, it’s gone… the hours pass quickly. But, if it rains, white, the naked flower blooms. It’s gone, it does not come back anymore, it’s gone, and no answer. But, wherever we ask, we are told that what we love will remain alive in the heart. We are told that what we love remains alive in the heart. Life is beautiful; sing it too. Life is beautiful.

Greek playlists with positive songs. The English playlists are coming soon… All playlists are constantly growing. New songs are added to them regularly. Listen to them in the order placed, or simply shuffle and enjoy!

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