Social Media: then & today…

by the site’s Founder


It has been almost twelve years since I canceled my profile on a popular social media platform, and I have not regretted it. It has been a few days only since I signed up again, willing this time to stay. My weaknesses and the mistakes I saw in the way that platform was used led me back then to say no. However, my ability today to handle it properly and acknowledge its power has led me to a new beginning.

It was a season where I embarked on a journey to the realization of some dreams. I wanted concentration without any distractions. Very soon, I realized that the time I dedicated to that platform was constantly increasing. “Let’s sit for 5-10 minutes to see some news,” I usually said to myself. But, those few minutes turned into hours. My study for serious things I wanted to accomplish went away. The solution? If you cannot control something that harms you, you have no other choice but to put it aside. It took me up to a year to decide that my third cancellation should be the final, and great I did so… Of course, that didn’t come without any losses. I lost the connection with friends and people I had known. I managed to keep in touch with some of them via emails and a few phone calls, but I entirely lost contact with some others. This is life. You should always weigh in on everything and sacrifice a few things to gain others if that is for your good… because we only live once. So if you also feel that you cannot control the time you spend on social media, you have an excellent example that a break is not a bad thing, and in some cases, it may be necessary.

Social media have power. I have known that since their infancy, but I had not realized the extent of that power until I signed up again. Now I am mature enough to make use of them in the best way, trying to make this world a better place by using my own strengths and showcasing others’ talents and virtues. There is no one on this planet without unbelievable powers and unique skills. If we all apply the “everything in moderation” and focus more on the “we” than the “I,” or at least, to focus on both equally, social media can lead to enormous changes. What could each of us do to help people around us? How can we use those powerful platforms to improve life? All need to use social media wisely, sensibly, especially the youth. So, let’s use them smartly and turn them into diamonds in our hands!

Kosmas Bogiatzis
Website’s founder


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