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by the site’s Founder


I have never thought of writing an article that would be the most valuable I could offer people around me. Something like my “legacy” to those who visit this site, “PROJECTS OF LIFE.” Although this whole site has been built to help people find the true happiness they are looking for, a single article could mark the beginning of a beautiful journey to a life filled with more light, joy, and colors… internally and externally. So if I had to leave this world tomorrow (don’t worry, I bring it as an example), what would I like to say to the people around me? What has life so far taught me that I would like to share with them with a single article?

The reason for writing these words was my recent conversation with a friend in New York who is going through a difficult time. She told me that she does not believe that all people are born to experience happiness. She brought me examples from some of her friends and acquaintances that life has not brought them the blessings they wished. The same thing happens (according to her words) with her own life. As long as she remembers herself (as she told me), she can not recall times when she was truly happy. So let’s see what I have to say to her and to all those who think in the same way.

First of all, let me remind you that no one ever knows what happens in every home when the door closes. We all often admire some families because we think they are happy by what we see, but things can be entirely different. On the contrary, we may believe that some people around us are unhappy, but they may be the happiest in the world. That is because true happiness has nothing to do with material goods and the difficulties that everyone faces. Happiness is an inner state that makes you happy, maintains balance within you, gives you dreams, makes you look forward to the dawn to seize the day, and so much more. This whole situation has nothing to do with external things, at least not so much.

But why do people often not enjoy life? From all my journey until this day, the personal research I have done, and my experiences, I will confidently say that the reason for this melancholy, depression, and confusion of the world is the lack of faith and the true God in their lives. So please pay close attention to my words that follow. They are not the usual words of someone who talks about God.

When it comes to God and faith, people usually fall into three categories. The first category is all those who claim that they do not believe at all. They think that religions are man-made to explain life and the world. The second category is all those who believe but are “lukewarm.” They believe because that is how they grew up and what their parents taught them to do, but they treat religion more as a tradition than true faith. This category will easily deny faith in challenging times because it is not something alive in them. The other most common category is all those who believe but go to the edges, wearing spiritual blinders. They are those religious people we all know who are passionate about faith, who adopt a particular way of dressing and living, and who let you immediately understand that they belong to a specific religion. Unfortunately, both of those categories make the mistake of allowing their selfishness, pride, and other flaws, preventing them from seeing the real truth. But, there is one more category. The fourth and most valuable category is people who question, are suspicious, do not believe easily, but study, research, and find real facts. They actively live in the world, in their time, and you can hardly understand if you do not talk with them that they hide a solid and genuine faith in them. I dare say that I belong in that category, along with so many others. Whether I am right or wrong in what I say is easy to find out from the “fruit” one produces; in the works of each of the above three categories.

So why do many people not have a good time and suffer from many psychological and other problems? The main reason for this is that they do not believe that there is positive and negative energy in the world. Positive that only leads to good things, and negative that only leads to evil. I use the words positive and negative energy to be more understandable. Depending on their religious beliefs, each person calls those energies God and the devil, good and evil, etc. For sure, they do exist. I assure you 99.9% that they exist. I am saying 99.9% because I always think it’s right to leave a small window open for anything new I may discover over the years. But what does that good or bad energy have to do with the fact that many people do not have a good time in their lives?

The closer you are to good energy, the more blessings fill your life. The farther you go from that good energy, the more vulnerable you become to anything negative and ugly. The vast trap is that people do not see clearly where that positive energy is, the authentic positive energy. The result? They often make wrong choices, and instead of approaching that right positive energy, they approach the negative one that is masked and deceives… or they just approach simple good energy that has nothing more to offer.

So how do things work? From personal research that started about 25 years ago, I discovered that authentic positive energy is found only in the Orthodox Christian Religion. You can find out more details about the main reason that makes me believe this by clicking HERE. To think ahead of you, I will remind you that religion is not about the people, the priests, the administration, who can lead a wrong life, often being far from the truth. Instead, faith has to do with the church’s sacraments and their power, no matter how good a priest is as a person.

The Orthodox Christian Religion is the official religion in Greece and many other countries. But what makes me claim that it is the most authentic religion? In short, modern saints in this religion have shown and continue to show with their extraordinary lives that someone who approaches the right positive energy reaches the point of performing miracles like Christ himself, miraculously healing diseases, knowing everything about you before they meet you, being transported in space and time, and so much more. And if that sounds like an exaggeration to you, an insane piece of information, all you have to do is read about their lives and the thousands of miracles they performed during their lifetime and continue to do after their death. Those enormous figures of the Orthodox Faith, such as Saint Paisios of Mount Athos, Saint Porphyrios the Kausokalyvitis, and Saint Iakovos of Evia, impress with the extraordinary powers they had, while alive and after passing away. The fact that those outstanding figures have lived in recent years makes a difference since we often consider the saints of that religion as something from the distant past. Of course, there are saints in every age. But those above lived long enough in the world (not isolated) and made more apparent than other saints the power of God with their innumerable miracles. If you think now that there are other people out there in other religions with the same abilities and gifts who do the same unreal things, it will not seem strange to me. I thought the same when I had the blessing to meet Saint Paisios at some point when he was alive. Follow this website, and you will find out what the life-saving difference is.

For various reasons that are not easy to analyze here (but an important one is ignorance), people are looking for positive energy in various other paths but the right ones. Some of them just do not have much to offer, but others are hazardous. Then, when you do not expect it, the negative energy bombards you in any form, and you do not know how to escape. Most people do not know how to run away because they simply do not believe in positive and negative energy. They do not know that many of the bad things that happen to them are due to something beyond them. Unfortunately, they often reach out (due to ignorance) to the wrong people and religious paths to remove the negative energy they already have. The result? They either don’t find a cure because those paths are not authentic, or they worsen their condition because those paths are too dangerous.

The other big trap is this: many people often question religion or make fun of it because, at the time, they are having a good time in their lives. But life is unpredictable. From one moment to the next, your life can change completely. So then, if amid a tough situation you have even the slightest will to see the truth, if your selfishness does not blind you so that you can ask for help from something higher than you, you will clearly see that God does exist. Then, little by little, you will discover that God is revealed to the maximum in a particular religious path/religion. But if you do not believe at all, it is easy for a horrible period to devour you and make you lose yourself.

The difficult moments in everyone’s life, all the misfortunes, are caused by specific things; Either by our own wrong choices, the envy of others around us, or the negative energy itself. The hopeful thing about all that is that the closer you are to the authentic and true positive energy, the more you are protected from the above three causes. Then your life becomes paradise on earth. You are constantly full and happy inside, no matter what happens in the outside world. You can easily distinguish what is right and wrong, make better choices, and generally easily understand what is beautiful and ugly in the world. Authentic positive energy informs you, you feel it…

Not surprisingly, too many people also within the Orthodox Faith live miserable lives and are overwhelmed. This is because they misunderstand God. Traps and dangers are everywhere. How many times have I met such people who fortunately understood the pitfalls… But this is not a reason to stop me from seeing the truth. Unfortunately, few only people realize the truth, which is why the world is not what and where it should be. Nevertheless, the good news is that more and more people worldwide are beginning to realize the truth and change their lives for the better.

So, I could say that the above words are the most valuable to the people around me. My life so far has shown me that it is absolutely true. I built PROJECTS OF LIFE from scratch, piece by piece, over five years without knowing at all about designing websites. Every piece created came and fitted each time perfectly into all the others in an incredible way. Some people also have met me “by chance” over the years, and all of them had something in common that I noticed from the beginning (often in a miraculous way). They all had the same psychological problems as they had come in contact with the same source of negative energy, but they were unaware of its risk. A few others also that seemed to enjoy life actually were experiencing bizarre and tough situations. Life is often misleading. You see people smiling, and you don’t know what they may be hiding under that smile, what torture they may be enduring. Luckily, God has a way to bring people close to those who can help them. God informs… Countless miracles, big and small, are worked daily in my life by saints of the Orthodox Christian Faith; Miracles that I will soon start sharing with the world; Miracles many of which are indisputable though beyond this world; Miracles that other Orthodox Christians have experienced too (many friends too), and are written in countless books.

Unfortunately, we live in a time where people are ashamed to say that they believe in God. It is outdated, old-fashioned. I fully understand that because we have religion in our minds linked to fanatics and religious people who are far away from real God and the truth. But in our time when modern saints have lived extraordinary lives, how is this possible? How is it possible, for example, on Greek television to have numerous shows that entertain us, which are full of music, games, endless hours about the zodiac signs, but there is not a single show daily to talk about the holy figures that changed the modern world, about their incredible miracles? After that, do we not deserve all that suffering in the world? Are we not responsible for any misfortune that comes to us, big or small?

If you have not yet found true joy, if you feel that you have not found what you want to do in your life, if inside you feel empty, confused, I would tell you not to worry at all. Your life can change instantly. Just as someone’s life that is far from the true positive energy can change overnight and darken, one’s life that seems dark can change entirely and become the brightest in a few minutes if they know the way. These words are said by a person who has experienced both of the above quick transformations (something you will find on this site). I have seen at some point my life go from the light to nadir and from nadir to light in one day. The difference between other people who find it difficult to get out of a problematic situation and me is that I know the way. I knew how to overcome it when going through it. With that knowledge (I do not know whether or not accidental), I could help others overcome strangely tricky situations. That knowledge was not mine but of the modern saints of the Orthodox Christian Religion who opened our eyes, of the most powerful people that humanity has ever seen. Strangely, we rush to buy the new books that are considered excellent, but we have never read about the unbelievable life and miracles of those holy figures. Their advice and what they have revealed to the world have all come true. Their words and their whole life saves others’ lives. Your life can be another one that will find real joy and achieve great things. That can happen as long as you have good intentions to seek the truth. This website can help you.

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