Fires & other natural disasters

by the site’s Founder


August 2021… The largest natural disaster in Greece since World War II due to catastrophic fires. Words are useless; you can not easily articulate the words, especially when there are indications that the fires were arson in many places. Most people expressed themselves through social media, each in their own way. But all with the same pain and one why, either said or implied through the images from the affected areas circulated on the internet.

With these few words, I want to point out one thing that made it difficult to control my anger. Once again, as in so many other natural disasters, political party leaders and several other executives did not miss the opportunity to fire their arrows at each other, disrespecting the great catastrophe and those who suffered it. For years now, I remember the same thing being repeated, unfortunately. In such difficult situations, politicians, instead of standing together for the common good, start criticizing each other as if they were in the last days of their election campaign and trying to take down their opponent in any possible way. But they should stand united to overcome the difficult situation. And all this while the disaster is still in progress. Their statements do not help at all the people to approach and trust them. Instead, they remind us of humans that are taught no life values.

But let’s remind those politicians that minimal dignity and respect require in such difficult times to remain silent and take immediate action to help those affected. But if one is internally eroded and the precious life values ​have disappeared, their action will also be incomplete, with many mistakes. So it would be better for them before taking action to observe for a few minutes those ordinary people in villages and towns who know how to live with dignity and morals. First, to be taught by them, and then to continue their efforts. Because it is in those everyday people that life finds fertile ground, in those simple and often “illiterate” people who with their lives and their example raise children who can really contribute to their country, who by their example show that even if some have only finished primary school, they have everything that life needs to live properly.

So if the politicians of our country want to say that they produce work, let them learn from those simple at heart people. Those are the ones who produce the authentic culture of our country.

Kosmas Bogiatzis
Website’s founder


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