Designing in an ECLECTIC MIX is the way to go!

by Alexandra Koumba


Timeless seems to be the so-called “Eclectic mix” of styling in designing a space. Back in fashion, styles from different historical periods are delicately mingling in space.

Choosing how to make an impression when designing is the key. Learning how to mix and match with a common base, as a rule, can be a challenge. To make a room or an entire space feel welcoming while having an impact, one needs to decide the main feature piece in the room, the so-called “discussion piece.” That will make the rest of the design decisions easier for you and the outcome look coherent in style and harmonious.

Here we have selected for you (foto gallery above) a few feature pieces in well-priced art, accessories & design furniture to get an idea of what these pieces have in common that create this “Eclectic mix” style when carefully combined or placed as the main concept.

A common denominator to combine different periods and styles can be choosing only one color in the room or having the same shape in all furniture and shapes on the selected art: for example, curves or even to use lighting as a way to define the space with shadows or to diffuse all pieces in a room depending on the color selected if it is dark or light. For example, suppose powder pink is the primary color in the room, which has an Art Deco era reference but also has a 70s reference. Both historic periods use geometric shapes and similar color palettes. In that case, one can combine furniture from both periods and unite them with a powder pink rug and pillows as accents. Also, in this case, a diffused lighting would be appropriate based on the rule of the lighter tone of the color base that needs diffused lighting.

Following such a principle, we explained one could easily find a balance and create a much richer and sophisticated atmosphere rather than using accessories and furniture all coming from the same historical periods. Even better, these pieces here in the foto gallery are hand-picked this month as they are on sale from a gallery based in Athens, Greece. Feel free to contact me (see “My Profile” below) about the details if interested in buying any.


Coving a monthly column here on “PROJECTS OF LIFE,” I hope you will be inspired and Always stay in style!

Alexandra Koumba, Interior & accessories Designer

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Alexandra Koumba


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