Have you ever wondered why almost every trainer and every exerciser has a protein shake in their bag or locker? Have you ever wondered whether it is healthy or not? Have you ever wondered what all those protein containers are filled with? Have you ever wondered what all those bodies you admire every day are built with? Have you ever wondered whether the examples set by many athletes, models, actors, and other public figures, are always the best? Have you ever thought that there might be companies out there that earn money using ingredients in their products that may ruin your health? Have you ever wondered why you exercise?

Let’s clarify things and think wiser. Our health is precious, and the exercise industry doesn’t always respect it…! Consider the facts below and try to make changes in your life starting first from the way you think.

Supplements for muscle growth, fat burning, enhancing performance, etc. may be harmless but also harmful.


Supplements can be healthy

Supplements in the Fitness industry bring millions to companies that produce them. It is a hugely profitable industry. That is not bad. Selling a great product or service that makes a company successful is the goal of every business. That applies to supplements as well. A supplement may be made with the healthiest ingredients and boost health and performance in the best way.

The fact

Fact is, a large number of men use supplements for muscle growth and fat burning. A significant also number of women take supplements for fat burning and more definition. A whole industry is built on the notion that we all need supplements to build beautiful bodies, which is not true.

Protein is necessary

Protein is the “brick” of the muscles, but it cannot work miracles. After a workout, you should eat a complete meal and take all the protein and other nutrients for your recovery. You can definitely take the necessary protein your muscles need from pure, real food. Protein powders are simply easier to use, digest, and consume, especially in larger quantities. Is that healthy?

But, is protein magic?

To see good results from pure protein powder or real food, you have to consume a lot, which is not the best for the body. Are our organs made to consume such big quantities? Is the liver made to do that extra work every day? Also, what many exercisers don’t know is that when they consume more protein than what the body can use, the additional quantity is stored as fat.

To receive from food the same amount of a protein powder that is usually consumed by exercisers, you may need to eat ten or more egg whites per day. Does that sound normal, although egg white is a natural and healthy protein source? We understand that moderation is the key to everything, even when it comes to natural food or pure protein powders.

The difference

About protein powders, you often hear that a specific brand is better than some others. That’s why that one is more effective and the other is not, which means the one gives bigger muscles than the other. That is not entirely true… BECOME A MEMBER TO READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE & Part II (A less positive view)

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