You’d better not… Although dreaming is great and realizing your dreams is greater, your dream will remain a dream after reading this post. No, don’t take it wrong, the unfulfilled dream is about the one thousand abs. As for the six-pack, it’s definitely within your reach with the least effort ever.

Why sweat in vain? You are probably one of those exercisers who love the six-pack abs. Therefore, you execute daily every exercise that exists today and countless reps to achieve that goal. You fall into that trap like many others, and you design the perfect workout in all aspects, so your abs look like soon that flawless Renaissance statue you admire.

But… for a perfect definition in your abs, no enormous number of reps are needed, not even a relatively big number, but just a few simple reps. Does that ruin the idea you’ve had about the ab world? The widespread notion that you burn fat in the stomach area by doing abs is a hundred percent false. For decades, we have known that no fat is burnt that way, or to be fair to science, the fat we burn is so little that it is not worth mentioning.

You cannot burn fat in any area of your body by doing exercises only for that specific area. To achieve that, simply follow a healthy diet, and also start strength training along with your cardio, stretching, etc. Your workouts gradually increase your metabolism (calories the body burns to sustain life). Along with controlled calorie intake, that does help you gradually lose fat, but from your entire body, not a specific area only; your abs then will also be affected and look like those statues’ abs you love.

You will reasonably ask now: As long as no fat is burnt from the stomach area by doing abs, why are we frequently bombarded with those ads about ab equipment that promises a perfect stomach? Unfortunately, as it happens in so many other fields, intentional misinformation works toward more money for the companies. You often see ads or commercials with beautiful and fit people doing abs using a specific machine. Their amazing abs definitely send the message that the machine burns fat from that area, but that can’t be further from the truth. Also, you often see exercisers overdoing it with exercises for the obliques (the abs on the sides of your body), either using a dumbbell from a standing position or using various other exercises.

To be fair again, we should mention that the stomach area does become a little better by doing abs, but that has nothing to do with fat loss. It’s because of the muscle tightening. After a few weeks of doing ab exercises, you definitely tighten the area, and it looks a little better. You can achieve that with just a few crunches (the simplest ab exercise); you need no special exercises, equipment, or millions of reps. You notice that small improvement in the abs and waist when also wearing your clothes, but you cannot improve that area any further by doing more abs after those first weeks. The abs cannot get tighter to look even better. What you achieve after that point is just strengthening your abs even more; thus, you shield your body against the back or other injuries, especially when you combine the abs with lower and upper back exercises.

So, let’s clarify once and forever that you lose no fat in the stomach area by doing countless abs. Υou will see no difference in the abs even if you perform a billion abs per day. The ab exercises have to do only with tightening and strengthening the abs (resulting in little only difference in the stomach area), and they have nothing to do with the fat there. To burn fat in that area, you simply need a good diet and a well-designed workout consisting of cardio and weights to instantly help you lose calories or increase your metabolism and lose weight in the long run.

What is more, you may be surprised to know that you often achieve the opposite results when overdoing it with abs. As an example, by overdoing it with the obliques, you may gain muscle mass in that area, and your body will look like a body with the most attractive love handles. That is quite common, especially in men who take supplements for muscle growth. You see them with a muscular body, but they have the abs overtrained that look like fat. It is not also uncommon for the six-pack abs to stick out of the body, giving you looks you would never want.

The conclusion? For a beautiful stomach area, you do not need a billion abs per day… just a few only are enough (let’s say 25 crunches or reps of other exercises a few times in the week or even daily). That is enough to improve the stomach area, especially when combined with a good diet, strength & cardio training. After all, part of the anatomy of the abs is the six-pack. You just need to lose fat to let them be seen. Otherwise, even if you have the best six-pack in the world, the fat layer that covers them does not allow them for a “showtime.” 

Be aware and smart.


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