How it all began

We humans always have harsh words about unhealthy products, but when it comes to buying, we forget them. Harmful products still exist on shelves for the single reason that we are buying them. Which company would continue to produce items that were not liked? No company would ever do that. It is easy to understand that the only one to blame for all those unhealthy products is the consumer. We buy them. There are many reasons for our irresponsible behavior. First of all, there are still people who do not know exactly which ingredients are harmful and which are not. They often buy products unaware of the peril. Another reason is that we have made our lives so busy and complicated that when we need something to eat, we don’t think of the quality. We just grab something to satisfy our hunger and go back to work. We go back to work to earn money to pay for all the health problems that will come… We are that smart. Another reason is that the industry knows well how to mislead consumers into buying products that may not be that good. Lack of money is also a factor that often leads a lot of people to products of poor quality. However, there are very healthy products out there for every budget, as long as we have the good will to find them. That is not always easy and needs time and knowledge. A big list of healthy products had been missing for long. We noticed it and took action. We have started adding healthy products in our “Healthy Basket” in the hope that one day, that basket will be feeding thousands of people who respect life and want to be healthy. That is how we started this Project. We were disappointed by the fact that many speak out about healthy living, but few only take action. We still buy whatever we come across, without thinking whether it is healthy or not. The countless harmful products on the market speak for themselves. We buy, and the companies produce. It is that simple. However, we are confident that we will all become soon more responsible consumers.