This section is not meant to give any medical advice or to make various health claims on the prevention or curing of any disease. It is only for informational and educational purposes and should be used only for those purposes.

All the products we post on this section are products we have tried and like because they are free of harmful ingredients and healthy. We have no benefit from endorsing any of them. This is, their mention in this section is not a paid advertisement, and it happens because we want to encourage consumers to make healthy choices. Although we may happen to know at times people who trade products we post, that does not affect our judgment at all. We post products that we have tried and guarantee their superior taste and quality. When it comes to our health, we are serious, and we endorse and promote, always for free, only products we consider healthy. Let’s not forget, we the consumers are the power, and with our healthy choices we force the food industry to produce healthier products and eliminate the production of the unhealthy ones.

When we suggest certain products in this section, it does not mean that all the other products of the same company are either healthy or unhealthy. We post only the products we have already tried and appreciated their superior quality. Hopefully, in the future, more products from the same companies may be on our healthy list.

The products we recommend are always for vegetarians or vegans, non-GMO, Organic, natural, and healthy. We do know that not all people are fortunate to have the money needed for non-GMO & Organic, but when every family and every person buy even a few items from our healthy list, the impact on the food industry will be huge, and products with harmful ingredients will be ultimately eliminated.

All the external links on our posts are used to provide more information about the products we endorse. They are mainly links of the official websites of those products, or of the websites of exclusive stores that sell them. We have no benefit from providing those links, and we do not necessarily endorse other products that appear or advertised on those websites.