My Healthy Basket

Products that respect our health

APPRECIATE LIFE: Buy the Nature’s best. We have been in the Exercise, Diet, and Health field for many years, offering our best for a genuine life in various ways. This Project is a dream come true that makes the difference in the way we buy products. All the products found on these pages are promoted for free. We do not affiliate with companies to gain any profits. Our initiative has started solely from our great love for healthy & nutritious food, as well as other healthy products — The more the healthy goods in our healthy basket, the better for all.

By promoting healthy products, not only do we stay healthier, but also we encourage companies to start producing the best they can. The more we buy products featured on “My Healthy Basket,” the more the companies are forced to improve their products, so the consumers choose them. Embrace our efforts to find and feature the best items, and we can all together make a massive impact on the way we and the next generations eat, and choose products. We are currently located in New York, and feature products found in the United States. That means that products from all over the world, which travel abroad, can be products of “My Healthy Basket.” The healthiest products in the world can now fit into a basket that overflows with pure ingredients and life. A section also with the healthiest products in Greece has already been added to our Project.

EAT DIFFERENTLY: Our Basket’s food is real food. The products we recommend are always for vegetarians or vegans, non-GMO, Organic, natural, and healthy. We do know that not all people are fortunate to have the money needed for non-GMO & Organic, but when every family and every person buy even a few items from our healthy list, the impact on the food industry will be huge, and products with harmful ingredients will be ultimately eliminated.

Life is so valuable to waste it. For centuries it has been offering the best food, but we are so absorbed by our busy schedules that can barely appreciate it. Much has changed since life started. We have eliminated diseases that ailed humanity for centuries, we are able to cure others effectively, but at the same time we have damaged the environment at an extent that the once nature’s best are now in question. However, we are optimistic, and we believe that this section, “My Healthy Basket”, will change a lot.

DRINK PURE LIFE: Beverages we can drink. We take a closer look at non-alcoholic beverages. From different brands of bottled water to other beverages that boost our health, “My Healthy Basket” suggests the best. We taste, check the ingredients, and fill our basket with products that make life flow in our veins. We all often drink beverages that have nothing nutritious to offer, or we buy products that are too expensive for the few healthy ingredients they contain. Our Project does its own research and provides you only products that there is a good reason to buy. Choose the items found in our “Healthy Basket,” quench your thirst, and stay healthy at the same time. Drink the beverages we suggest, stay… cool, and enjoy life with every glass.

ENJOY THE FINEST INGREDIENTS: Cosmetics that respect our body. We select the safer cosmetics we find that have pure and gentle ingredients. A big part of the skincare products contains harmful ingredients that may develop diseases in the long run. Many say that if we should not eat something, we should not put it on our skin, too. Although that sounds too much, it couldn’t be further from…the lie. We should all be very cautious about what we feed the body if we want to stay healthy for many years. Countless studies give us the knowledge needed to choose the purest cosmetics. Reliable lists with the most harmful ingredients help us find the best products we can use. Enjoy them and be healthier. “My Healthy Basket” has everything in it, edible, cosmetics, and various other products we use daily, but most importantly, it has our love for an authentic and healthy life from… head to toe.

USE LESS HARMFUL PRODUCTS: Devices and other products that are safer to use. We have taken a step further and started selecting products we use every day, other than edible and cosmetics, that are harmless or the least harmful. Truth is, we are surrounded by so many devices and other products that may not be as safe as we think. We try to find which of them respect more our health and present them to you for a life with fewer health issues. Our endeavor is not easy, but we are dedicated to making life as healthy and good as it deserves. We hope you join us in our efforts for a better life and help us add to our “Healthy Basket” as many products as possible. We can all enjoy better health if we work together and support the healthiest products that surround us…