When we want to get fit, we usually just get into a gym and start performing some exercises. We think we know… Many times we prefer to do some exercises at home. But we forget that injuries occur when we repeat an exercise with the wrong form for an extended period or perform it with the wrong form even once.

Unfortunately, when it comes to exercise we think we know everything because we read some stuff here and there or just because some friends show us some exercises. This is helpful but not enough. Internet, magazines, and advice from older and more experienced exercisers may be good sources of knowledge, but they may also hide some dangers. It is good to take different opinions and evaluate them because that way we learn better. But we shouldn’t lean entirely on the above sources.


Very often, dangerous exercises that may have been banned are recommended by “experienced” exercisers in gyms, which puts our health at risk. Exercises also which are not safe for specific populations may be recommended in some magazines. But we shouldn’t play with our health. We should be very cautious when we get information not from professionals or various magazines on the market.

Likewise, we shouldn’t, in any way, advise others if we are not sure that what we are saying or showing is right. If we are not professionals, we’d better say nothing. One wrong piece of advice may be critical for anyone who applies it in their exercise routine.

When we are sick, we go to a good doctor. Likewise, when we want to improve our fitness, we should always seek and receive information from fitness professionals. Certified trainers have, at least, all the basic knowledge to train people safely and effectively.

What good professors advise students when it comes to knowledge is that “We should always study stuff from the most reliable sources and only if we know who has written every article and what their educational background is. But even if those requirements are met, we should further evaluate and filter what we read. It does not mean that everything a renowned professor says is right or whatever information we take from reliable organizations is necessarily right. We should always put our mind in action because we do not live in an ideal world”.

Let’s think about the above words and try to get rid of the mentality that we know everything and can do everything on our own because we are “smart.” That way only we can move forward. There are two main paths in life. The one is “I know everything,” and the other is “I respect myself.” It is up to us which direction we choose to take in life…


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