“I’m a vegetarian. I don’t miss a chance of telling or reminding people around me about it. No, I’m not that discreet. I accept it. I just love showing off by saying I’m a vegetarian. I remind people I visit, the waiter at the restaurant, people I talk with… I know, my way is not the best, but this is me. I like showing off, either directly or indirectly.

I’m proud of it. I like being careful about what I eat. I am actually obsessed with that. I will live longer and let all the others suffer from harmful substances in the food and diseases linked to obesity and their ‘reckless food driving!’ After all, we all get in life what we deserve. It is not easy to eat healthy. It takes time and requires efforts to achieve that. Those who don’t care? They “enjoy” all the consequences… Those who care? They live better.”

Hey my brother, step down from your throne a bit! You are in your own world, and the perception you have about healthy life is partially wrong. Do not be so sure that your life will be as healthy as you expect. A healthy life is not only about your diet and exercise. So many other factors determine how healthy you are. You may be eating the best stuff on earth and exercising daily, but these alone do not necessarily guarantee that you will enjoy life without health issues.

There are always factors about which you are unaware, either because some do not want you to know, or because no one really knows them. In many places around the world, families consume their own produce, cook every day, avoid junk food, exercise, or their hard work is equal or even harder than a very challenging workout. However, they may suffer from cancers and other serious diseases.

The water they drink may contain harmful substances, and nobody knows about it. The radiation levels in their area may be high, and no one knows about it because no one has ever tested it. There is no reason probably for testing simply because there is no apparent source of radiation in that area. The air pollution might be high, but residents may not get updates on that because no one wants them to panic. They may learn about it years later when the problem may be fixable and… the damage to their health, sadly, “unfixable.” In other cases, health maniacs consume vast quantities of a particular food that the scientists have found extremely beneficial, and after some years, they learn that the same food is also found to be harmful and toxic when consumed in large quantities…

I can write here countless examples of people who lead a healthy lifestyle, but they also suffer from numerous diseases. Who hasn’t even heard about cases where many smoked for years, drank a lot, ate whatever they wished, and lived more than 100 years? Of course, this is about some exceptions and not what usually happens, but it does happen, and then scientists are puzzled. That is the way life works.

That’s why my friend, I am saying it again: “step down from your throne a bit,” and don’t think that because you eat healthy and exercise, nothing terrible will ever happen to you. Yes, we should all try our best to be as healthy as possible. Exercise and a proper diet are definitely essential for a healthier life, but they are not always enough. They do not guarantee a long-lasting life without health issues. Life is quite complicated, for sure beautiful, but at times hard and complicated. So, stop showing off your healthy way of life. That is not nice. Keep it to yourself, speak discreetly about it when needed, and never look down on others who are not following your good example. Whether you want to accept it or not, life does not revolve around yourself and the way YOU are viewing the world. Do whatever you can to live a better life, but do not be that “loud” about it, and smart people around you will follow your example without you having to tell them a single word. Don’t be obsessed, enjoy life. The stress you fill yourself with by always obsessively looking for the best often causes you more harm than the harmful ingredients themselves you want to avoid. Do not be obsessed; enjoy life!

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