Although a balanced diet is one of the essential key factors to staying healthy, many people either do not pay attention or mistakenly think they do so as they unknowingly make wrong choices.

This article is mainly about those wrong choices that have devastating results. Of course, it is respectable if you don’t want to pay attention to your diet. But at least do not complain if health problems make their way to you due to poor nutrition. If you live alone, that choice only affects you. But when you share your life with someone else or have a family, you somehow have an obligation to eat properly because your health impacts all members.

What is the paradox here with the diet topic? As science moves forward and new research reveals what is healthy and not, we still live in darkness. That means we either do not know the latest data yet or know it but do not care because those around us do the same. We follow the mass because that’s how we think we follow the right path.

For more than ten years, research has consistently shown that milk and dairy products significantly increase the chances of developing certain cancers. However, most people still consume them to the same degree. Every refrigerator in most families always has milk, and the recipes from most chefs are still overflowing with cream, cheese, etc. At the same time, the following happens:

1. When everyone wishes their friends, they always put health first. It is always on top of the wish list. But they do not do anything for it as if it would fall as a gift from the skies.

2. Everyone also hopes that an effective cure for cancer will be found soon. But none of them does anything to reduce or quit everything known already to cause cancer.

3. In a matter of months, the international scientific community developed a vaccine for a virus and convinced most people to get vaccinated. Yet, at the same time, the same community does nothing noteworthy about evidence that we have known for so many years that dramatically increases the chances of developing cancer. Yes, a severe virus is an urgent matter. But what about cancer that for centuries has been taking people’s lives? Does life suddenly have great value? Did it have no value until a severe virus came? What do scientists do to spread the word about dairy? We’ve known about it for so many years. What do they do? Not much… As a result, the world is still living in darkness.

The above is simple proof that some health issues are promoted more and some less or not at all for some reasons. What are these reasons? Money is definitely one of the critical factors. How often has history not shown that if some research results do not serve the interests of specific people, then no matter how valuable they are for our health, they will not be promoted enough? Moreover, sometimes efforts may be made to keep such research on the sidelines.

Valid information is not easy to find nowadays. The media is not always unbias or does not follow up on the latest scientific research. Therefore, one must love the health field very much, look for valid information, have the time to study it, and find what is most helpful. With the problems that exist in our world, with the daily battle for most people to make a living, the only thing one certainly does not think of doing is to look to find details that concern their health.

Have you seen many articles that link dairy to cancer in recent years? And if so, how many? Shouldn’t we all be more active about our health taking entirely it into our own hands?

But other than dairy, did you know that palm oil, which has also been linked to cancer, is used almost everywhere by the food industry? We have known about that for many years. What do companies do about it? Also, many products we have grown up with and found in every home contain palm oil. New products on the market, even some with really healthy ingredients, also include palm oil as it is very cheap. If life for you is not cheap but has great value, start reading the ingredients of every product you buy. If you do not know an ingredient or are not sure if it is healthy, do not buy the product until you know more about it. Stay tuned to scientists and websites you trust to update you on anything new about your health.

Also… what if your country’s cuisine is based on palm oil, dairy, or some other not-so-healthy products? Does that mean that we must turn a blind eye to keep the tradition alive but at the same time continue to get sick? Should tradition keep us tied to the past and not let us move forward? Your health can be entirely in your own hands… What are you doing about it?

Click here to read the results of a relatively recent study on dairy and cancer. Click here to learn about “Plant Powered Metro New York,” a non-profit in New York that promotes Whole Food Plant-Based nutrition.

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