Every year, in the same season, the same scene repeats. I always eagerly look forward to it. Summer is in the air, and I start running around the neighborhood, shirtless. I love exercising. Running is my favorite. With a pumped muscled body and great abs, I enjoy running… shirtless. There is nothing better than seeing countless eyes watching me. It’s my best; what I live for! That feeds my ego and makes me feel like a Greek god. I am the best of the best. Apollo at his best!

That went on for years until a lady stopped me and said to me: “My dear young man, if you think you are… that hot, literally and metaphorically, why don’t you pull and your pants down? That would be cool, literally and metaphorically. At least then, any cop could nab you and set us free from types like you who don’t respect themselves and others…”

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