I’M STRONG: I always grunt and scream while lifting weights. I make as much noise as possible. I’M A TOUGH GUY: I swear and yell obscenities. I throw dumbbells and barbells around, and I never remove the weights from the bar after I finish my sets. I help others that way get stronger… I’M CONSIDERATE: I always throw my towel on the floor. I rehearse while working out… for that Karaoke bar I love. I exercise after work… without having first a shower. I never flush the toilet. The push-button is too dirty for me. I always let the tap run after washing my hands. Its handle is too dirty for me. I pay my membership and can do whatever I want. I HAVE A BEAUTIFUL BODY: I shave my face in the locker room, undressed. I constantly admire my gorgeous body in the mirror. I HAVE A PERFECT DEFINITION: I like wearing those Tank Tops that barely keep my chest and back covered. My T-shirts are always cut all the way down to my waist on the sides. My exposed body is admired. I’M SMART: I wipe my sweat off my face with my T-shirt to let my abs be seen. I’M THE KING OF THE GYM: I put too much weight on the bar ending up on the ground trapped underneath the weight and counting… little “stars”! I exercise directly in front of others while there is plenty of space elsewhere. I’M WISE: Who cares about exercises, techniques, and training systems…? My secret is my “protein” shake. The “better” brand I discover, the “better” body I build. I’M SOCIABLE: I like exercising with others. I talk with them unengaged, staring at my flawless body in the mirror. I’M KNOWLEDGEABLE: I have subscribed to many fitness magazines. I love advising others and showing I’m “knowledgeable” after reading a new magazine. I’M “UN” EDUCATED PERSON: I have a Master’s, speak three languages, and do all the aforementioned….

However, I don’t believe that it is entirely my fault. Little details like the above show how healthy the society I live in is. Family and the school fail at times…

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