Technical Issues

A few possible problems

All websites, from the smallest to the biggest, sometimes may encounter a few technical issues which luckily don’t last for long. Depending on how serious a problem is, and how reliable the companies are with which each website is built, a technical problem may last from a few minutes to some days until it is entirely resolved. Most times, visitors or members of a website do not even realize such issues, which may appear one or two times per year (rarely more often). The cause of those problems is usually the updates of the tools that a site uses to function well and give its visitors excellent navigation and aesthetics. The more advanced those tools, the easier for technical issues to show up each time they improve and are updated. If problems like that occur at times on our website, the companies we work with resolve them quickly. In such instances, we ask for your understanding and patience. You can always contact us and let us know if there is any technical issue in any section of our site that we haven’t noticed.

How does a website work in the backend? A few words on what is behind webpages you enjoy on the internet.

Let’s imagine the process of building a website as the process of building a house. Depending on its size, the website may compare to a small house, a tall building, or a skyscraper. The most crucial decision at the beginning is the location where it will be built. That is the company where all the website files will be stored. If the “foundations” are good, meaning that the company is excellent, and if the owner of the site invests a lot of money in that hosting company, the structure will be stable and robust. If we now imagine that a website is like a tall building, we understand that it has many “floors,” and its “floors” many “apartments” with their different “rooms” and unique “furniture” and “devices.” All tenants in that tall “building” or “skyscraper” must feel safe, but they also shouldn’t cause problems to one another. It is what all companies do with their website tools. They shield the sites against evil attackers and give them countless possibilities to become great websites without causing issues to other companies’ tools used by the same site. The more a company perfects its tools to provide website visitors a better experience, the easier some technical issues appear when they are not entirely compatible with other companies’ tools. Big companies that work in an exceptionally professional way usually take care of such matters very quickly. They very soon come to the best solutions. Let’s imagine now that if little technical issues appear when some website tools are updated, how many more issues may come up when the “foundations” or the whole “frame” of a “building” (website) are updated. The website field is magical. A big and popular platform on which a significant percentage of the websites are built today says that code is poetry. That is not far from reality, as building a website is a type of art that combines many other types of art that require knowledge and proper use of colors, lines, architecture, music, and many others. Enjoy that different and beautiful art world through our website, and if sometimes a few technical issues show up, be patient and understanding, keeping in mind that some parts of our site are improving for the good of all of us!