Money Above All

The critical decision when starting your career

The question and the answer that change everything!

What answer would you give to a question that can define your whole path in life and everything you dream, achieve, and give back to the world? Sometimes, simple questions and answers can pave the way for an extraordinary life or a…

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People often are quick to criticize companies that use lots of harmful ingredients in their products or are furious with professionals who put money above all and don’t appreciate any life values. Sadly, the phrase “money is above all” describes best the world in which we live. Today, authentic people are hard to find. How many times don’t we all criticize those who think only of money? No doubt, we do that numerous times, but should we? We shouldn’t do that until we answer the question below and make sure we don’t share the same mindset with all those we criticize.

Let’s imagine you have a smart idea of a unique product. You are about to launch it, and you will probably become a billionaire. There is a problem, though, a big dilemma. It is not healthy. From the use of that product, one person will die. Should you invest in it or not? Every time we ask this question, people smile. Shortly after, “Of course…” Then we ask again, “What if the person who would die were your son, daughter, mother, father, or your most beloved one?” Silence follows…

The above sad response leads to two conclusions: First, when wrong behavior involves others, we rush to judge them, but when it involves ourselves, we are quick to justify it and accept it. When given a chance, we do what we criticize because money is sweeter than we think. Second, when bad things are to come to our families and loved ones or us, life has value, but when bad things happen to others, life has no value. Maybe we should reconsider the word “human.” Isn’t it time to change its definition? Language evolves. The word “human” has no longer its original meaning. Once, we used to say, “Human beings, the smartest and most loving creatures on earth…” Are they?

Our question above and its common answer may make all understand why there is so much mess in this world. Do not take that question lightly. Consider it. It is a question everyone should ask themselves when they start working and earning their first money. The answer they give determines what they receive in life…


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