Find Your Calling

The purpose in life that keeps you excited every single day

Maybe, the most powerful words that help everyone find the job they really love.

The lack of a job you love 100% is mostly responsible for the imbalance in your life and all the problems that imbalance causes you. The words that follow may help you find your right path.

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The clock is ticking. Do not keep wasting your life. Can you wholeheartedly tell that you are leading a happy life? Can you say with confidence that you have found real happiness? No, real happiness is not a pipe dream, as many may tell you. It is achievable, and all deserve to experience it.

Whether you want to accept it or not, today most people have jobs they don’t like, they don’t have dreams, they don’t try their best, and the lack of life values tranquilizes their hearts and souls. One of the leading causes of all this? Money is above all values. The urge for money, the greed of almost all people out there, along with excessive vanity, push to fake lives. The result? You witness today the most beautiful bodies and faces but at the same time the emptiest souls that find reasons to live only in numerous cosmetic surgeries, countless supplements, drugs, alcohol, excessive sex, or their popular social media. Nowadays, common sense and moderation seem to be missing.

If only all people could wake up, take their lives more seriously, and turn them into a worthwhile journey. Today, we have the best knowledge in all fields of life, of which scientists of other times would be jealous. However, the world is experiencing one of its darkest periods of hatred among people, lack of fundamental life values, empty lives, and the most suicides daily in the world’s history. What is going wrong? People have neglected precious life values considering them outdated, and for that reason, they are lost. That is why they can’t find what they want to do in life, and thus they can’t experience happiness.


Life is not about just finding a good job, making a family, hanging out, watching a good movie, enjoying a great play, or having the time of your life in your beloved vacation destinations. Life is more than that…or to say it better, to enjoy all those above, you need and something more. You should know how to be at peace with yourself and feel fulfilled. That is the only way for you to wake up every morning full of energy and eager to seize the day. If you don’t feel like that, you are probably missing something; you are doing something wrong because that state is not a pipe dream. It is a state you can achieve. That depends on many factors, but one of the most important is the job you do. Are you currently doing a job that excites you the most? Do you feel that it is your calling? If not, read below how you can start making that happen.

Take some time from your busy schedule, steal some minutes from your “precious” social-media-dedicated hours, sit down, and make six columns on a piece of paper.

1st column: write down your talents.

2nd column: write what you enjoy doing in life that makes you truly happy, even if that sounds the craziest thing. Do not write what you want to do as a job because it gives you good money, social status, or anything similar. Do not think of the money at all. Do not listen to those who may tell you that you are romantic, that you should see the reality, and thus find a job just to get by, or a job that brings lots of money. Do not listen to them because chances are, you may waste your life. Those probably are people who have not succeeded anything extraordinary in life, work in jobs they don’t like, drink tons of coffee every day to feel good, eat only bad quality food on a daily basis, and watch movies all night long.

3rd column: torture yourself by brainstorming ideas and options of how you can combine your talents with what you love doing in life.

4th column: Try to find which of those ideas can become a reality, ideas that at the same time, they have the potential to give birth to a unique concept that does not exist.

5th column: Consider whether that unique concept is something that people need. If they don’t need it, it may ultimately bring you money, but you will never feel fulfilled, which is an essential thing in life. If people need your unique idea, continue to the next column.

6th column: Consider whether your unique concept, which people will need, puts money above precious life values. If it does, you will probably earn money, but inside you there will be again emptiness. If instead it puts life values above money and everything else, and you work hard on it, making slow, continuous, but steady steps, you will achieve your ultimate goal: to do a job you love, be fulfilled, and earn money.

If you like working for others and not establishing your own business, try to find the above features in the job you will choose and the boss for whom you will work. That process, either for your own business or for being an employee, it may take weeks or months. Its final stage may even take years, but you will be super excited on the way, and once completed, you will be the happiest on earth!

How to find what you really like
Here is a simple but smart step you should make: Go to a bookstore and stay there for a while. Go through all the shelves, see where you like to stand more, and which books you enjoy to read or check out. You will probably pass by many shelves without paying attention at all, just because the books there do not appeal to you. The big truth is that where you stand more, and the books you like reading more reveal the field in which you should spend your life. Your calling and the job you love hides in that field. You should simply find the right direction there.

If you check some books more than others, and as long as they bring a smile to your face, jump on them. If that field does not make you feel embarrassed about anything, and if you don’t harm anyone by doing a job in that field, go for it. Keep in mind, though, pursuing what you really love usually involves hard efforts and tough times. That is the price of following your heart, but when you are patient and keep going, the reward is a life overflowing with joy, dreams, and creativity!

The above simple, but precious steps, along with so many others that you will soon find in this section in the future, will lead you to a big journey where life is at its best! You will definitely encounter too many problems, more or less serious, like all people. This is life. Nevertheless, your great journey will still continue, and life will always seem beautiful.

IMPORTANT: Remember that in every phase of your life, depending on the experience, the inner balance, and the wisdom you have gained, what seems to be your calling may be different. The wiser you become, and the more inner balance you achieve, which means having the least “distractions” (the secrets you will find soon in this section), the closer you come to your ultimate goal, the primary purpose in your life, the ultimate calling. Life is about cycles that open and close following one another. The better inner state you achieve, the bigger the joy you experience from the cycle you go through. Always trust your gut feeling, your instinct, and choose each time things to do that appeal to you a hundred percent.

If you feel stuck filling the first two columns above (your talents and what you enjoy the most), do not panic thinking you are worthless. Keep reading this section. You will discover how to eliminate distractions that prevent you from realizing what your talents are and what you enjoy doing in life.

We all have the same potential for becoming our greatest selves. No one is better than the other. We just don’t always know the small and big real secrets that lead us to our best. Many people claim that they know those secrets, but very few really know the true ones.

Keep up with this section to learn how to enjoy your journey to a beautiful life. Experience, studies, and dedication to bringing to light truths that make us healthier and happier make this section an online place that changes lives for the better.

Remember, the clock is ticking…


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