Happiness Is Achievable

Everyone can experience it

A few words… a little motivation towards the beginning of a truly happy life.

Let’s begin the beautiful journey to happiness with three important statements. 1. Happiness is achievable. 2. All people want to find happiness. 3. All people can find happiness.

We all can conquer the world! We all can live a life full of small and big miracles! We all can say wholeheartedly that we have found happiness! We all have the same potential to live an extraordinary life!

Luckily, there are many excellent books one can read with advice on how to find happiness, hundreds of movies, and other valuable stuff. That is one of life’s wise ways to help us be happy and enjoy it! It enlightens people who then share their experiences and make others around them live better. All that information helps everyone who, at times, may not feel their best self and gives them a huge push to reach the world again and new heights.

Many times in the past, I wondered like a little child why happiness is not a simple recipe to learn and make, so you reach it easily and fast. I wanted everyone to be able to achieve happiness in a few simple steps and thus can live life to the fullest. Those steps I have discovered I want to share with you all!

Let’s embark together on a beautiful journey… the exciting journey of happiness!

• • •

LIFE CAN BE AN EXCITING JOURNEY THAT FILLS YOU WITH INCREDIBLE JOY AND ENERGY EVERY SINGLE DAY. Luckily, things are not that hard. At least, to those who are reading these introductory words, life is about to reveal its real secrets, which, honestly, are pretty simple.

I have been searching for almost 30 years what makes humans truly happy. The essential tool in my hands? Trial & error. Experience is precious. No theory and no words can ever be more powerful than the experience itself.

Have you ever wondered what real happiness feels like? Real happiness is CONSTANT positive energy, inner joy, and inner balance that overflow your whole existence and make you say with confidence, “I HAVE FOUND HAPPINESS!” That great inner state allows you to enjoy everything else and achieve great things in life. It is the foundation for everything, the alpha and omega in life. That is happiness.

Although the results of my search and research involve quite practical and straightforward steps, the process until I reached them was not easy. After all, if we humans had found long ago what works best toward happiness, all the relevant books, movies, speeches, etc. would have come to an end.

The simple words you will find in all sections of “Mental Health” might be the most honest and life-changing words you have ever come across. The answer to whether I am right or not has to be yours. The way to find out is very easy. Apply the few necessary steps I am revealing, and see how your life makes a turn to a path with the meaning and joy you have been looking for since you were born. There is no way for you not to experience what I am claiming: the best years of your life. My confidence is based on all my years of hard efforts, patience, perseverance, and endless experimentation.

Whether you change your life or not is entirely in your own hands. I am just showing the way by revealing life-changing truths that humans need in order to feel complete and be truly happy. The best of all? I work on behalf of no organization, spiritual path, sect, or religion.


Kosmas Bogiatzis,
Founder of PROJECTS OF LIFE Network


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