“The Gallery” of PROJECTS OF LIFE Network is the place where we add all the photos and galleries of our website. There, they can be found and enjoyed by our Members. We also leave some beautiful galleries accessible to all visitors. In simple words, “The Gallery” serves as the central Gallery of all our Projects. Each Project includes unique photographs that excite and make a difference. “The Gallery” is the home to all those exclusive photographs, and it slowly grows to a big colorful site, the greatest maybe online gallery that exists today. Explore our Projects, become a Member, enjoy the photos and galleries that each of them offers you, and start appreciating life more & live it to the fullest.

Read below some simple tips to view our galleries in the best way and thus enjoy your time on our site the most. Our Galleries have two different types of display, the automatic Slideshow, and the Grid.

SLIDESHOWS: They initiate the display of the photos automatically once you visit the page to which a gallery is attached. You may also view each slideshow gallery manually by using the arrows on the left and right of each slideshow. If you choose to view a slideshow gallery manually but then want it to continue again automatically, you should refresh your page. The slideshow will start again from the first photo. If you wish to enjoy a slideshow fullscreen, click on the plus icon (+) on the right corner below the slideshow. There, you can find the page title and a few links, but also all gallery photos in grid form. Click any of them, and view the Gallery without the menu bar distraction or fullscreen. Above every photo of each slideshow, there is always a caption giving some information about the photo.

GRID: Once you visit a page with a grid gallery, you first see some photos of that gallery in small squares or rectangles. By scrolling down, you can see all photos of the gallery from the first to the last. Click on the first photo or on any photo you like, and view it bigger on another window. From there, continue to see all photos manually by using the arrows on the left and right side of each photo, or use the play and the rest buttons (on the lower-left corner of the new window that opens) for autoplay, fullscreen, etc. To return to the window with the photos in the little squares, click on the “X” icon on the upper right corner of the gallery.

We work on our galleries very carefully, so viewing each of them is an enjoyable and smooth process. Good aesthetics are essential to us, and we strive for the best on all Projects. The photos in our Galleries are unique and are not found at all (or exactly the same) on any other online source. Copying & downloading are strictly prohibited, and such acts are against the law. Please let us know if you encounter any problem while viewing our galleries. In either way, the automatic Slideshow or the Grid, enjoy some of the most beautiful photos in the world. Whether you listen at the same time to your favorite music or do nothing else, view photographs that relax and inspire.